Therapeutic Jewelry for Body and Soul


Designed to be worn by the spiritually conscious individual, these aromatherapy bracelets are the perfect addition to your yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice. They are also powerful calming bracelets and, when used in conjunction with essential oils, can provide relief from anxiety and depression. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the lava beads of your bracelet and enjoy a gentle diffusion throughout the day.

In addition to the aromatherapy properties, the bracelets are also intuitively created using authentic gemstones which are known to bring positive transformation and healing. Gemstones are featured in most cultures throughout history and are mentioned throughout the Bible. Each bracelet comes with its own gift box with detailed descriptions for each gemstone and its metaphysical properties. Lapiz lazuli, tiger eye, garnet, coral, turquoise, agate, jasper, hematite, and sterling silver are some of my favorite stones to use in my therapeutic jewelry.  

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