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Portraits of Iceland

For the past 25 years of my life, I have had a love affair with Iceland. In my mid-20s I was "adopted" by an Icelandic family and I spent many years traveling back and forth to visit my beloved "fjölskylda" and, over time, I was taken to view first-hand the sweeping vistas of magnificent Iceland.


Back in the 1980s places such as Jökulsárlón, Svartifoss, Seljandsfoss, the Blue Lagoon and even Geysir were quiet, isolated places known mainly to Icelanders but today are enormous tourist attractions and enormously popular photographic destinations.  


I left Iceland in 1992 and did not return until  2013 when I embarked on a professional photo tour of Iceland. The workshop brought us to places that I had known previously and to places that were entirely new to me. I am sure my fellow photographers were amazed that a  guy from Alaska was able to perfectly pronounce Icelandic place names such as Eyjafjallajökull and Kirkjubaejarklaustur! I returned again in 2014 on a sequel photo tour and the images on this page are taken from this spectacular island I call my second home. 

Af kærleika og ást tileinka ég íslenskum fósturforeldrum mínum, þorvaldi Halldórssyni og Margréti Scheving þetta myndasafn.


This gallery is dedicated with all my love to my adopted Icelandic parents, þorvaldur Halldorsson and Margrét Scheving. 

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