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Photographic Services

With over 10 years experience as a photographer, I have been blessed by many opportunities over the years. These experiences have included travel photography, corporate photography, aerial and architectural photography and art product photography.  Click on the galleries below to view highlights. 

Product Photography

Art Gallery, Studio & Product Photography 

As a fellow artist one of my greatest joys is receiving the opportunity to photograph  art galleries, artist studios and work by other artists.  These opportunities first began during my time in Alaska and have expanded with my relocation to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city of artists and art galleries. Click on the images below to see highlights of artwork that I was lucky enough to photograph.Many thanks to Debi at El Nicho Folk Art Shop in Santa Fe for giving me many of these wonderful opportunities! 

Corporate Photography

Corporate & Architecture Photography

Portraits of Italy: A Roman Holiday


In April 2016 I received a commission from Kevin Daniels, President of Daniels Real Estate to journey with his team to Italy to photograph the selection of marble and travertine for their latest project, THE MARK in downtown Seattle. The Mark is a glistening skyscraper on the Seattle skyline, and a significant part of the design of the building is based on the class and style of actress Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn's first movie was Roman Holiday, set in the Rome of 1952 and my commission was to locate the areas of The Eternal City where Roman Holiday was filmed and recapture images from the iconic film and transform them into images with a mid-century vintage feel.  Many of the images were also featured as part of the artwork in the hotel suites. During one unforgettable day, I was taken by my own private driver through the crowded streets of Rome in search of film locations. Such was the thrill of being set free in Rome to recapture the grandeur of the City as it was in 1952.


The photographs below feature the Italian location shoots throughout Rome, at the Sameva Marble Factory in Tuscany and Mariotti Travertine Factory in Tivoli. Also included below are creative photos of the town of Colonnata Village, from where the Carrara marble is originated.  

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