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Robert Arrington is an award-winning fine art photographer, graphic and web designer, jewelry, and mixed media artist. Over the years, Robert has lived in various places, including Scotland, England, Iceland, California, and 14 years in Alaska. Originally from West Texas, Robert now calls Santa Fe, New Mexico home. 


An avid world traveler, Robert's photography portfolio includes a wide variety of landscape, travel, architectural, corporate, and wildlife photography spanning multiple continents.


Robert's love of travel ignited his passion for photography. Combining the worlds of digital photography with graphic art, Robert creates images that produce an emotional response to an idealized world, more impressionistic than realistic, causing many to ask, "Is it a photograph or a painting?" The answer is often "both."​

Robert's artwork is held in private and public collections throughout the world and includes installations in art galleries, corporate offices, medical complexes, museums, and hotels. Clients include The Mark, Seattle, WA, The Lodge at St. Edwards Park, Seattle, WA, Stephan Fine Arts, Anchorage, Alaska, Artique, Anchorage, Alaska, Hawaiian Landmark Images, Kauai, HI, and El Nicho, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Robert's approach toward creativity is to create spaces where his art is accessible in multiple forms beyond the traditional wall art motif. This concept has evolved to incorporate mediums that include aluminum float mount prints, home decor for personal and meditative spaces, and integrating visual elements into encaustic, collage, and assemblage works of art. 


Recently, Robert's passion for jewelry has also led him to create a collection of pieces designed with a positive, spiritual emphasis, allowing individuals to incorporate jewelry elements into their meditative and spiritual practices. 

In addition to his online store, Robert also offers services in 

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