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Katmai National Park, Alaska 

By Robert Arrington




Katmai, Alaska. A Kodiak brown bear snatches a salmon from the river in a remote location on Alaska's Katmai Coast. An original photograph with digital painting embellishments.



Alaska Brown Bear | Breakfast at Brooks Falls | Vivid Metal Print

PriceFrom $99.00
  • VIVID METAL PRINTS with aluminum float mount

    • Vivid Metal artwork is printed onto a 1/16” solid aluminum sheet and finished with a white base. The aluminum print arrives ready to hang using a ¾” thick aluminum float mount on the back of the metal itself.  
    • Artwork is printed using a dye sublimation diffusion thermal transfer printer.  During the printing process vaporized colors permeate the surface of heated transparent film creating a gentle gradation at the edges of each pixel, resulting in spectacular color and image detail that is far superior to that of inkjet printers. Because color is actually infused into the transparent film it is therefore less vulnerable to fading and distortion over time. 
    • All prints ship directly to customer from printing lab. 
    • Free Shipping for all orders within the 50 United States!
    • For International Orders: Please Contact for Quote.

    What do you use to clean Wall Art Metals?

    You can use a soft cloth or feather duster. We recommend that you do not use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths on this substrate.


    Will the metal rust?

    No, Vivid Metals will not rust.


    Can Wall Art Metals be displayed outside?

    Direct sunlight will fade images printed on Vivid Metals, so we do not recommend displaying these outside.


    Can I order a custom size?

    Some additional sizes are available. Contact us for more information. 


    What type of metal makes up this product?

    Vivid Metals are made of aluminum.


    Will the Vivid Metals scratch?

    If handled carefully they will not scratch. Treat your print as you handle would a piece of glass. Dont drop, bend or handle roughly. When transporting your print be sure to wrap all edges and handle with care. 


    My Vivid Metal has slight imperfections. Is this normal?

    Yes. Vivid Metals undergo a series of coating procedures prior to printing. There are minor variations and imperfections on the surface of the metal that we cannot control. While we make every effort to reduce their visibility, we cannot consent to remakes or issue credits solely for these imperfections.


    Is the Vivid Metal Archival?

    Yes under normal indoor viewing conditions (not under direct sunlight), Vivid Metals have a Standard Archival Value of 100+ years.

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